Alluvial + And/OAR

Thirty-three minutes and forty-four seconds of assertive and beautifully cultivated microscopic detail and great assembling mastery; Semper easily gets my vote as one of the best records of 2005. Dale Lloyd, who’s revealing himself as a very talented composer in many ways (check out his recent Amalgam on Conv.Net Lab) brings together “field recordings, electronic sounds, toy xylophone, old coins and other metallic and found objects” in two intoxicating soundscapes in which thunder, rain, birds and insects fuse unconventionally with the eternal subsonics of a distant earthquake rumble in waves whose depth is felt under the muscle tissue. One can only imagine the painstaking process necessary to place every single attribute in the right light, but such meticulous attention to detail pays high dividends, as the slo-mo radiance coming out of the speakers throbs with vital resonance that’s almost painful to experience.