Eliane Radigue – L’ILE RE-SONANTE


For the second time this year it falls to Eliane Radigue to launch a new French label – and if the people at Shiiin follow the path traced with this release we can expect great things. [Label manager Stéphane Roux’s next project is a Charlemagne Palestine release, and negotiations are still continuing with La Monte Young.. watch this space.-DW ] L’île re-sonante reaches the same intensity level as Radigue’s earlier glories. Inspired by a vision of her face reflected in the water of a lake, this single movement opus starts with a gradual oscillation throbbing its way through silence, wave cycles progressively concentrating to become one with the environment in a nebulous ritual nightmare, a mesmerizing section of looping intersections of illusory female voices that constitutes one of the most memorable moments in Radigue’s oeuvre, maybe even in the history of minimalism at large. You wish it would last forever, but it doesn’t: instead, the basic harmony of the mother drone shifts to another blurred picture, and Radigue’s ARP returns with a vengeance to put everything in place again, reminding us where light and darkness meet, gently caressing our head. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you. Its quivering synthetic tides mask additional harmonic secrets our ears and brains try to unveil, but.. too late: the island has disappeared, together with the image of Madame Radigue’s smile, and we’re left alone, trying desperately to find words to describe what this beautiful lady has been doing for decades, looking inside the heart of sound.


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