Elliott Sharp – QUADRATURE

ZOAR Portal Series

A limited edition of 200 autographed copies, Quadrature is a fantastically dynamic solo guitar release performed on a modified Godin Duet Multiac and a Turner Renaissance Baritone, with the addition of a Powerbook G4 in the final track, “Lissajous”. “Escape of Velocity” opens the album with an active reflection about electroacoustic energy, where slide and eBow characterize a well-tempered, painkilling modern blues. “Angularus” finds Sharp pinching, scraping and tapping the baritone, until majestic harmonics spring out of the soundhole, conjuring images and noises of an enormous helicopter overhead. The cicadas outside my house, an overwhelming chorale this torrid Sunday, seem to mix perfectly with “Paracentric”, whose eBow treatments and percussive fingerings join the entomological mantras in a chiaroscuro world of resonance and countenance which once more shows Sharp’s total command of his improvising skills in an almost shamanic, hypnotizing allure spiced by dissonant impulses. “Lamina” is a post-Paris Texas desert soundscape, its breathless patterns alternating among converging horizons and phosphorescent sunsets, while the Max/MSP software used in “Lissajous” transforms the guitar into a polymorphous fusion of alien studies, a half-detached slide towards an uncertain tomorrow. A masterpiece.


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