A postmodern multi-act rap play? An abstract representation of intelligent America’s unrepressed rage against the desperate idiocy of power? You could call Radio Hyper-Yahoo this and a hundred other things but I’ll use just the word confirmation. Confirmation of our hope to keep finding brains that work – just listen to the great Eric Bogosian on his green-smiling lucid rant in “No Crime” – confirmation of the assumption that corrosive irony is better than a bullet – check out Lisa Lowell singing “In the Country”, a nightmare of songwriting cliches whose lyrics are the nails in the coffin of many mediocre ideals – and above all, confirmation of Elliott Sharp as maybe the most gifted assembler of nuclear-powered sounds in today’s roster of new music composers. Where else you will find techno, blues and computer music, sometimes mashed together into a single track, like the final “Ask Me”, without feeling a nauseating sense of excess of ingredients? Sharp has the talent and the attributes to undermine the commonplace while maintaining complete control over the outcome of each and every one of his records. Third in the “Yahoo” trilogy (the first two were In the Land of the Yahoos and the fabulous Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Yahoos), this stunner is the direct consequence of the world disintegrating; before you return to your PlayStations or switch over to the Hallmark Channel, stick this pin of truth in some vein of your resigned body to see if you’ve still got the urge to get up and take the right direction, for once in your life.


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