ZOAR Portal Series

This soundtrack for “What Sebastian dreamt”, a film by Rodrigo Rey-Rosa set in the Guatemalan rainforest, consists of 20 short pieces containing some of Sharp’s most “accessible” music, including the Spanish-sung “Fugarse” and the almost Easy Listening “Casa Rosa”, whose accordion and clean guitar dance on an incredibly economic drum machine pattern. But besides the nice’n’easy commentaries, there are several deeper moments featuring Sharp’s gorgeous fretwork on his array of acoustic guitars (including tenor and baritone models) and more exotic instruments like zither, baglama and hammer dulcimer. The masterly command of shimmering chords and bright harmonics is as in evidence here as it is on the recent Emanem solo release The Velocity of Hue and Quadrature (see below). Other sections include field recordings of birds, insects and frogs, alone, enhanced by computers (“Denser”), or in the form of a distant prayer (“Insect Gamelan”). All in all, this album could be an excellent toe-dip into Sharp’s bath of surprise for any unlucky ones out there who still don’t know his work.


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