Elliott Sharp / Merzbow – TRANZ


I’ll admit it right away: the potentially devastating collaboration between Elliott Sharp and Masami Akita is exactly as I thought it might be – minus the groundbreaking factor. Dividing their work into two tracks each as composers and two as remixers, the duo reveals once again the malleability of noise, as material that is commonly discarded becomes an integral part of dynamically overcharged experimentations, deprived of ugliness and “ignorance” and lyophilised and channelled into amorphous conduits, epileptic generators and harmonic disintegrators. Although it’s hardly a wasted opportunity, I would have been happier if Sharp and Akita had shown greater interest in their reciprocal trademarks: just imagine adding some shrieking Merzbow to one of Sharp’s avant-looking, pseudo-blues improvisations, or putting a serious eBow tapestry of massive guitar and bass magma above Akita’s rumbles and thunders.. Instead, the “futurist/cyber/laptop” component prevails, raising hell at times, yet just a tad predictable after 47 minutes. Let’s just say that Sharp and Merzbow have chosen a well-defined strategy, planned out their route in advance and decided to explore everything they find along it, without any consideration for eventual detours.


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