Elliott Sharp / Ronny Someck – A SHORT HISTORY OF VODKA

Zuta Music

This CD is pretty rare, so do yourself a favour and get your copy soon, because it’s a real underground gem. Following the path traced on their two previous albums, Revenge of the Stuttering Child and Poverty Line, Sharp and Israeli poet Ronny Someck once again reveal ample evidence of their respective skills in about 43 minutes of authoritative acoustic guitar improvisations alternating with the grave voice of Someck reciting his poetry. Although the English translation probably loses something of the original idiom, the texts are all permeated with a beautiful sense of silent anguish which allows them to be appreciated even by a non-expert. Someck’s timbre always remains melancholically incisive even in short bursts, which, coupled with Sharp’s expressive fingerpicking and intelligent harmonic textures, generate a peculiar state of mind in the listener, who is led to imagine a cross between bionic flamenco and avant-blues under the inquisitive supervision of a serious teacher who’s seen many days of sorrow yet is still able to transform his suffering into strengthened identity.


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