John Hudak – SAND OR STARS


Given today’s irrepressible tendency to make classification prevail over actual substance, a work like Sand or Stars is difficult to describe. You could say it sounds wholly unadulterated; Hudak is well known for his personal take on reductionism (not in the lowercase improv sense of the word), usually starting from environmental recordings that capture the essence of a single sound source (he once put contact microphones on the Brooklyn Bridge), transforming it into small molecules and granular self-cloning clusters of indecipherable activity. What appeals to the ear is the barely regular sonic shape and peculiar logic as these bionic manifestations flutter around the listening space, peeking from various angles of a structure with no apparent architecture, moving from a percussive/metallic bouncing via a delicate brain massage of hypnotic buzzing frequencies to a reverb-drenched passage whose nature seems to be aquatic – but I wouldn’t bet on it.


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