Mark Wastell – VIBRA #2


Sometimes the best description of a piece of music comes from its title, a case in point being the second Vibra by Mark Wastell (which follows the rare first installment on Mattin’s w.m.o/r label – this one’s limited to 200 copies too, so hurry up). The engrossing aural caress of Wastell’s 24-inch tam-tam, once the property of the late Roger Sutherland, slowly swells, circles round the ears and gently rubs the nape of the neck. The healing force of these sounds is tangible, our breathing becoming ever more regular and unhurried as the natural reverberation of the gong is enhanced by a plethora of harmonics hovering in the air like majestic fleets of phantom vessels drifting lethargically to no planned destination. This is purity of the highest order, light years away from cheap esoterica and bogus religiosity. Graham Halliwell’s skilful recording also contributes to another important chapter in the book of authentic trance, right up there with the leaders. After treating yourself to Vibra #2 (not to mention Vibra #1 if you can still find a copy) you’ll realize how stupid those people talking about cosmic vibration often sound – Mark Wastell has shown us the way to higher paths, remaining silent all the while.


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