Mystery Sea

Does the term “space music” still mean anything nowadays? Listening to this heap of shadows by Ben Fleury-Steiner, here hiding behind the Paradin moniker for the first time, maybe there’s still a glimmer of hope for the “architects of black holes”, as Flesh of Caverns‘ gaseous currents expand to fill every cranny of the listening space, its enigmatic cascades of drones resonating in reverberant gorges to constitute a pleasing alternative to silence (even if the massive overtones sometimes drift dangerously and inevitably towards the land of Dark Ambient’s Old Master – yes, Lustmord – more or less finished today but I still rate Heresy and The Place Where The Black Stars Hang as great records). The somewhat more active closing track “Deep Sea Soil Dredging: A Calcareous Ooze” is an aural picture of frozen, wide-eyed faces trapped under ice desperately trying to attract attention to be delivered from their eternal stillness, ultimately abandoning the attempt when the sun disappears once and for all.


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