As you’ll have probably guessed on reading the retrospective above, Peter Wright is one of the men who have redefined the concept of drone guitar. Yellow Horizon continues where he left off on his recent excellent Desolation, Beauty, Violence, and is conceived for the same instrumentation, a 12-string Danelectro plus minimal effects and field recordings. Dedicated to the beautiful losers (a probable hint to a short-lived namesake project by Peter) these eight jewels glow with the melancholy of tolling bells evoking distant childhood memories. All the tracks gravitate around a few tonal centres, sometimes just one, their muffled harmony a revealing suspension of gravity, as Wright leaves out all trace of harshness to build chants, patterns and blurred visuals whose purity is almost palpable. The somnolent wave of aching grace of “Offa’s Dyke” ends far too soon, although in fact many minutes elapse while we’re blissed away by the brain-massaging angels of its guitar harmonics. Once more our man confirms himself as one of the true greats and it’s about time his music reached a much wider audience, as its transcendental repetition is a veritable blessing for today’s tormented ears.


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