Creative Sources

It is impossible not to be immediately floored by the technical command and the overwhelming repertoire of special FX that Stefan Keune brings to the table with this collection of scaled-down invitations to solo sax paradise. A captive nightingale undergoing electroshock therapy singing Xenakis (“Reedcycling”), Keune, rips pages from Alfred 23 Harth’s book of schizophonics (“Palate”, “The mole”) and chews them into a pulp of his own in search of sinuous epileptic martyrdom. There is not a single dull moment; with its acute multiphonics, wrinkled harmonics and lyrical monkey business, Sunday Sundaes is in a class of its own among the many marvels of Ernesto Rodrigues’ label, revealing Keune as one of the most resourceful loonies on the current scene.