Tetuzi Akiyama / Jason Kahn / Utah Kawasaki – AILACK

Creative Sources

Taking its name from the venue in Tokyo where it was recorded, this is a live document of an improvised set where there’s almost no difference between sound and ambience, such is the natural flow of sonic events characterizing this ménage à trois, the second outing (after 2000′s Luwa on Rossbin) featuring Akiyama (tape-delayed guitar), Kahn (analogue synth and percussion) and Kawasaki (dismantled Roland synth, cell phone). Those expecting a predominantly static panorama might be occasionally disoriented by this unassuming box of tricks, which, if carefully opened, reveals an intriguing collection of tiny sonic gadgets that the late Roger Sutherland would surely have approved of. Magnetic particles and continuous electric humming mingle with barely audible investigations into instability, and guitar noise, disturbed oscillations and outside car engines are transformed into condensed blurring identities, the perfect representation of an egoless approach which works perfectly in this context.


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