Thomas Köner – NUUK


I’ve been following the work of Permafrost overlord Thomas Köner for 13 years now and have yet to find one of his immobile icy raptures that fails to satisfy. Nuuk (originally released as part of the Big Cat 4CD box Driftworks along with music by Pauline Oliveros, Randy Raine-Reusch, Paul Schütze and Nijiumu) is a series of immaculate slowly rolling cloud masses, whose rumbling subfrequencies sing an impalpable hosanna to the eternal silence. From that mysterious reticence, aggregates of submerged illusions and manipulations of abnormal stasis invade the air, percolations of stationary uneasiness Köner remodels into dark awareness by fusing them with the most elemental parts of our environment. “Nuuk (night)” begins with a low drone (incredibly similar to Klaus Wiese’s Space, the greatest drone record ever released, if you ask me), but were I forced to choose just one track here, it would be “Nuuk (day)”, with its marmoreal currents of expressionless desolation throwing feeble rays of hope, a glimpse of the future soon lost in virtual landscapes of reminiscence.. Four of these seven tracks accompany Köner’s static imagery in a double sided (NTSC/PAL versions) DVD included in the package; two stills – a peripheral urban area and a seashore, both covered with snow – are shown at various moments of the day; crepuscular snapshots and grey afternoons slowly alternate without additional dynamics, perfect for the hollow depths Köner reports from. When the music’s over, absence weighs a little more than before.


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