Mystery Sea

For those who vaguely recall a couple of nice albums by Maeror Tri but (like yours truly) jumped off the post-Industrial / esoteric wagon years ago to escape the putrefaction of the quasi totality of the genre, Troum is the project Stefan Knappe and Martin Gitschel went on to develop after the demise of the aforementioned group. Designed to “stimulate the unconscious”, this music envelops us in a cinematic sequence of electronic nightmares where instruments, voices and all kinds of transformed sounds attempt to excavate burrows full of hesitation and anguish. That said, the first half of the disc, “(Pre)Symbolism”, offers little more than a series of dark throbbing exhalations, but the layered memories and deformed stasis of “Echoes of a Boundless Existence”, with its Basinski-esque loops and morphing hallucinations raises everything to a far superior level. During the final fade-out, a passing aircraft and distant tolling bells seem to nod their approval outside my window.


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