Adam Pacione – SISYPHUS

Elevator Bath

After several limited edition releases, Adam Pacione’s official debut has reconciled me with that area of Ambient music that was booming at the beginning of the 90s, when people like Jeff Greinke or Vidna Obmana (both much more creative and original at that time) were reiterating Brian Eno’s teachings and adding their own spicy ingredients in excellent albums like Greinke’s Timbral Planes and Cities in Fog or the Belgian’s Soundtrack vor Heet Aquarium with Hybryds. Pacione’s Sisyphus is also a picture of a submerged world, beautiful at low volume on a sorrowful Sunday morning. The music remains pretty consonant throughout, as chains of consecutive looping melodies, unfinished watercolours and mourning soundtracks for desolate solitude – William Basinski’s Disintegration Loops once again comes to mind – coil around a hazy, obfuscated aura of instrumental activity whose speed ranges from slow to totally immobile. The ingenuity of “Cicada Lullaby”, as well as satisfying my love for summer insects, is a lesson in depth to other rocket scientists of the genre. A consistent and pleasing album.


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