Asmus Tietchens – GEBOREN, UM ZU DIENEN

Die Stadt

20 years on from the release of this album on the Esplendor Geometrico label, this remains one of the harshest-sounding releases by Tietchens, who was at the time deeply involved in the infamous “post-Industrial” scene which brought us many of his finest works and encouraged a whole host of imitators. While some of them deserve some credit (Cranioclast, Werkbund to name but two), most were utter parasites who swamped us with a mass of shit camouflaged as Futurist-inspired uneducated noise, enhancing their status by cryptic declarations of anarchy in the liner notes (later replaced by odes to God and Inner Peace when that became the trend to follow.. Italy holds the world record in this domain). Anyway, back to serious music. Asmus Tietchens is the master of ironic synthesizer melody riding inhuman machine-like rhythm, and Geboren is a prime example, with 110% flanged tracks sounding Kraftwerk being gang raped and doused with sulphuric acid. “Gliim” is pure B-movie soundtrack paranoia, while “Zweites Maschinentraining” would try the patience of a saint with its absolute lack of melodic (???) control. The set is rounded out with three bonus tracks, which if anything sound even more “modern” than the original. Like everything else served up by the Cioran-influenced sceptic from Hamburg, it’s highly recommended, especially for those not always looking at the bright side of life.


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