Die Stadt

Although eternally busy with installations and multimedia projects all over the world, alone or in cooperation with renowned colleagues such as John Duncan and Andrew McKenzie/Hafler Trio, Swedish soundscaper Carl Michael Von Hausswolff is still something of a “best kept secret” in the ever-too-densely populated world of drone-based music. Operations Of Spirit Communication was originally released in 2000, and reappears now as a very limited edition on transparent vinyl accompanied by an additional 7″ containing two rather splendid short pieces composed this year. Von Hausswolff dedicated this work to the man who recorded the “voices of the dead”, Friedrich Jürgenson, setting up a mechanism of static vibrations and drifting, skull-massaging frequencies gently blemished by taped voices and barely audible extraneous sounds. Apart from these prolonged waves of uneasy pleasure, perfectly in line with the consistently excellent level of this artist’s work, nothing much happens . The two pieces contained on 7″, “12 Sine Missing One” and “1 Sine Missing Twelve”, are four-minute pure sinewave thrillers which will have you totally immobilized at the end, waiting for someone to point a remote control between your eyes and zap your nervous system. Fans of the abovementioned h3o will love this album, one of the best examples of the genre.

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