Cyril Epinat / Mathias Forge / Jérôme Bertholon – DUO…

Creative Sources

Taking a look at the liner notes, which refer to the music as a “sound track” while also providing a description of the meals eaten by the three protagonists during the recordings, then listening to the first sounds coming from the speakers, one gets the impression Duo… is a single improvised field recording where events sound accidental even when they aren’t. Epinat and Forge play “objects” as well as their conventional instruments (acoustic guitar and trombone), while Bertholon records the proceedings, adding electric lighter and quartz clock to the sources. Spurious flatulence and third-generation scratches of dirty, cheap harmonics interact with environmental sounds; fluttering, splintered nervous outbursts are followed by scraping investigations and a rash of miniature acts of aggression. The tranquillity of wind and insect sounds that opens the fourth movement is soon interrupted by a passing car and Epinat knocking on his guitar body, after which microsonic explorations resume. It sounds like The Last Supper inside an anthill doused with sulphuric acid. The musicians smile and chow down on the corroded remnants, loading their car without haste. But the radiator’s leaking.


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