Blossoming Noise

In Francisco López ‘s projects one can clearly perceive a scientific method of sound generation, each successive album an intriguing research document exploring areas as diverse as field recording, seismology and silence. The 2CD set Absolute Noise Ensemble brings together five live tracks and a studio suite, all based on López’s encounters with a group of fellow sound artists (a partial list includes Masami Akita, Oren Ambarchi, Koji Asano, Joe Colley, Amy Denio, Ferran Fages, Bernhard Günter, John Hudak, Ilios, Lasse Marhaug, Daniel Menche and Ralf Wehowsky..) performing in various combinations. The first disc, “Untitled Sonic Metaorganisms”, starts out with consistently overcharged intensity, interacting immeasurable forces felt in rough spots of incendiary power. Distortion and noise appear to be winning the battle until they’re swallowed up in a whole world of subversive quietness enriched with ultrasonic ambiguity. The tracks follow each other without a break forming a single composition, as is “Untitled Sonic Microorganisms” on disc 2, a magnificent aura of “processed, treated and manipulated guitars” recorded between 1992 and 2003 in various parts of the world. Those familiar with López’s Belle Confusion 0247 (with Michael Northam, also present here) will recognise the evolutionary processes at work. There’s no recognizable guitar sound, only combined reverberations of rumbling and scraping textures on the edge of breathtaking lunar darkness, only rarely interrupted by sudden rises of the sound pressure level. Majestic and mature.


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