Gart & Seekatze – H/MM/NG S/NGS


A mysterious Belgian named Ronny Van Hee is the mastermind behind Gart & Seekatze’s wonderful low-budget musical entities. His releases are extremely scarce and pretty spartan as far as artwork and packaging go, but – trust me – the music is deep as a well. The skeletal minimalism of H/mm/ng S/ngs is based on eBow-excited strings – guitar strings, piano strings, every possible kind of string – generating a single-note drone which, if you walk around the room, plays hide-and-seek one moment then drives deep into your skull a minute later, while elementary two-note pendula – very sparse, not quite Sugimoto but definitely encroaching on his territory – add their small yet significant contributions. It’s beautifully bleached and totally enthralling, the kind of backward extremism that must be appreciated in complete silence, even when background conversations and faraway urban movements find their place in the mix or when Ronny strums his guitar or repeatedly hits a single piano key to catch that elusive harmonic. Do yourself a favour and start looking for this CD (and for the even better Secret Life of Alvin Tsunoda) right now.

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