Łukasz Ciszak – AUXIN


Time for more people to get acquainted with Polish composer Łukasz Ciszak who, besides running the SQRT label, home to several obscure yet worthy artists, produces a distinguished blend of low-budget acousmatics integrating diverse influences in perplexing amalgams of striking musical intelligence. Ciszak’s creations escape the universe of “definition at every cost”; he develops a series of interchangeable foggy scenarios which, at a first listen, could be associated with the post-Industrial canon (Cranioclast, Werkbund, early :zoviet*france: and Asmus Tietchens..). But in the almost 50 minutes of Auxin there’s much more. “Portrait Of An Unidentified Couple” starts with an oblique intersection of electric guitar and piano that introduces a sequence of reflections for drones, feedback and slow pulses. This wacky East-European minimalism also characterizes “We Cure Any Desease (sic)/Protect Your Intimacy”, whose obnoxious sensation of going nowhere is enhanced by an almost oppressive use of cyclic noises and power plant background whirr reciprocated by (apparently) more natural manifestations and oddly tuned Partch-like clangs. In full resonance with the paradoxical harmony of a disfigured emotion, it’s a gorgeous piece, as is “This Is Chemical Burn”, the final and coldest place on the album, all bodiless melodies and penetrating frequencies. Serious stuff.


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