Norbert Möslang / Günter Müller – WILD SUZUKI

For 4 Ears

In both their collaborative and solo projects, Norbert Möslang (cracked everyday electronics) and Günter Müller (iPod and electronics) have fathered an instantly recognizable sound that one perceives as familiar after no more than half a minute of careful listening. There’s a constant square-or-spastic rhythm in Wild Suzuki, recorded during a brief Japanese tour in 2004 organized by the late Koji Tano, to whom the CD is dedicated, something that crawls under the skin and penetrates the skull to spread in cancerous fashion. This continuous minimal stimulation elicits myriads of quietly piercing timbres, tranquillity somehow restored only to be sweetly raped time and again. In the uplifting succession of “Fukuoka 1/2″, “Yamaguchi 1″ and “Tokyo 1″ the subsonic pulse and bubbling patterns are perfect complements to a recurrence of (heaven forbid) pseudo “tonal” aurorae disfigured by a phalanx of electric razors in a multidimensional apocalypse of abrasive frequencies and corroded metal. This music has too much energy and intrinsic movement to be used as a background, yet drowns its details in an organic totality where interference and abnormality are needles stuck in the dying body of contemporary electronica. Silently attentive, working at the margins of non-commercial hazard, these seekers have grown a fruitful tree without an ounce of compromise.


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