Die Stadt

Once upon a time you had to fork out large denomination banknotes to get one of David Jackman’s rare vinyls and tapes, so the fact that many of them can now be enjoyed in digital format is good news. Jackman’s Organum has been and still is a huge influence on many contemporary sound/noise artists, and the almost ritualistic nature of his releases, enriched by his astute choice of sonic events, distances Organum’s work from the surface-only gloss of second division imitators. Four majestic pieces are contained in this mini-CD, on which Jackman is joined by Alan Jones, Emma O’Bong and Michael Prime. “Die Kralle” is a short lo-fi manipulation of noisy tapes over a repetitive rhythm and makes for a perfect introduction to the title track, a ceremonial pastiche where broken objects, thundering metal and what sounds like Middle Eastern reed instruments carry us straight into a fogbank of emotional instability. On “Kazi” the rolling of unidentified objects over metal fuses with disturbing slams and rumbles, while “Maus” is classic Organum, a hell of distortion and droning fear before which any pretenders should prostrate themselves in adoration. Short duration notwithstanding, Die Hennen Zahne contains all the power necessary to wipe the brain clean.


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