Wade Matthews / Ernesto Rodrigues / Bechir Saadé / Guilherme Rodrigues – ORANGES

Creative Sources

On Oranges the Rodrigues duo is back in action against with Bechir Saadé on bass clarinet and nây [an end-blown flute of Persian origin – DW] and Wade Matthews on alto flute, bass clarinet and electronics. The album is divided into nine movements in a kind of suite, if a far from uniform one, opening with beautiful Nikos Veliotis-like regretful string drones accompanied by discreet electronic backgrounds and the light crackle of wood, while Saadé’s lingual flutters generate hisses and clicks. Elsewhere, lively microtonal activity is contrasted and enhanced by the strings’ preparations and extended techniques, and there are spurts of insurgence from the repressed elastic warp and squelch of Matthews’ electronics. The fifth movement is an engrossing juxtaposition of close intervals (and probably the best track in terms of emotional depth) which turns into airy multiphonics and koto icicles courtesy of Ernesto plucking in the red light district of his viola. The granular battle between subtraction and addition takes these daring improvisations into the kind of territory that could leave less seasoned explorers dying of starvation and dehydration within minutes.


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