You won’t feel like an idiot or an “attitude fetishist” (despite what the lyrics of the track of that name might imply), and you can even manage to listen to it all without pressing the stop button. Just watch your ears and keep that volume knob to hand. Proletarian Of Noise is a good collection of compositions, richer in ideas and more fun than any of the various chapters of Mattin’s Songbook to date. There are five pieces, beginning with “Computer Music/Post Fordism”, five minutes of soft tapping, like finger drumming. “Attitude Fetishist” and “You Are Stuck As A Free Human Being” find Mattin screaming anti-capitalist abuse in some kind of self-exorcism. If you don’t read the lyrics you probably won’t be able to make out what he’s saying, but that’s OK because I don’t give a damn about the words as long as the music is great (I still like Hall & Oates too), and these two tracks are. Have a good laugh at the indecipherable lowest-of-the-lo-fi rant of “You Are Stuck..”, a “song” that makes two nerds of Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious. “Desecration Of Silence” is the kind of fantastic, brutal carnage of squealing distortion that should be transcribed and executed live by Zeitkratzer. The final track is 31 minutes of total silence, punctuated at long intervals by Lisa Rosendahl reading the eleven “chapters” of “Thesis On Noise.” Cage would have loved this one, but if he’d heard “Desecration Of Silence” instead he would have probably sent this proletarian off to the same gulag as Glenn Branca.


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