Cem Güney – PRAXIS


Previously unknown to yours truly, Cem Güney tackles several aspects of computer music with the right amount of profundity, the fragmentary nature of Praxis revealing itself as a value rather than a defect. In the press release the Turkish composer tries to focus our attention on the meditative qualities of certain kinds of sound by relating these features to the teachings of Nada Yoga, which enhances humans’ awareness and response to predetermined acoustic phenomena – but this is neither a series of never ending “Om” nor something even remotely philosophica. Seriously enthralling moments exist, one of them being the evocative “Undulations” – appropriately dedicated to Janek Schaefer – which flows from damaged vinyl into a balance-altering decentralization of personal certainties. Güney is also eager to experiment with quick cut’n’paste (“A Phonetics Theme”), but what he does best is sowing the seed of his interest in a well demarcated range of frequencies and developing the whole investigation from there, the essential nucleus of the piece discernible from beginning to end. This is an album that discloses new meanings with each listen, definitely worth of attentive consideration. Loudspeaker listening is recommended for better interaction with the surrounding environment.


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