Chris Forsyth / Nate Wooley – THE DUCHESS OF OYSTERVILLE

Creative Sources

Guitarist Forsyth and trumpeter Wooley have collaborated since 2001, yet this CD is their first official duo release. It was recorded in 2005 in about three hours, two takes of a previously sketched improvisation that, once completed, Forsyth suggested to superimpose in order to create what he defines a “double exposure” with the resulting materials, warts and all. At less than 25 minutes, it’s a short, compact and highly effective demonstration of less-is-more bravura. The first section is dominated by Wooley’s subterranean vapours and prolonged hisses, Forsyth adding controlled feedback and inscrutable details in surge of charged pressure after which everything calms down. The remaining two thirds are mainly coloured by the spectral resonances elicited by the combination of Gibson Les Paul (with a couple of metallic tuning forks on the loose strings) and Fender tube amp, whose compressed noise is at the basis of the whole scheme. Jangling shapes of open-stringed chords define a plumbeous environment, which Forsyth renders even more oppressive with restrained twiddling and selected pluckings that made you feel like you’re in jail, a guard locking the heavy gate behind your loneliness with a massive key. Wooley’s almost inaudible pops constitute the skeletal pulse of a set that is as sober as it is full of information, a trademark Creative Sources highlight.


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