Christoph Heemann / Andreas Martin – UNTITLED

Dom Bartwuchs

This 21-minute CDR by the Heemann brothers, long-time collaborators in HNAS, Mirror and other projects, is pretty perplexing to these ears, maybe because I have so much respect for their craft and never expect anything under average from them (indeed, this dates from 1993 and was originally intended as a special item for the Brainwaves Festival). These guitar-based tracks, built upon predictable chordal strumming and obstinately repetitive arpeggios, complete with psychedelic electric solos at times, are largely inferior to the deeply touching experiences these artists usually offer. After listening to Mirror, In Camera and Heemann’s solo milestones, or to Seclusion’s Yukigafuru, for that matter, I have a hard time accepting something that, for the large part, sounds like a mix of avant folk and – heaven forbid – Franco Battiato circa Fetus (not a compliment in my book, but Heemann apparently likes him very much, so who am I to judge?). Is this some sort of homage, then? A divertissement? Why deciding to release 14-year old material after all the great past work, since Heemann himself defines them as “sketches”? I really have no idea, but know there a few moments I really appreciated, and most of them were in the final track. No hard feelings, then: it’s just the reaction to a love delusion. You can’t always get what you want.


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