Daniel Menche – ANIMALITY


I still have to figure out how in the world the graphic designer of the Polish label Emd could conceive the sleeve containing Animality, as the disc can only be taken out while dangling from a surprise box-like cover that opens like a cutout design book for kids. Gorgeous! And the music’s even better: a refined version of the percussive approach of Menche’s recent three-incher For The Beasts (P Tapes), with a more relaxed (kind of), entrancing vibe favoured by the attention he devotes to the choice of timbres, here heavily conditioned by the different tensions of the drum skins. As a matter of fact, the large part of the album sounds like an army of refugees from Reich’s Drumming (here we go again) who decided to dedicate themselves to homemade rituals by superimposing odd-metred patterns in irregular geometries. Different stages alternate over the course of about 51 minutes, interlocked without the extreme ferocity of other similar outings – absurd as it may sound, some of this wouldn’t be out of place on a Rapoon album – and affirming that Menche should now be considered a “minimalist” in the purest sense: a few sources – maybe even only one – and repetition are all he needs to generate his musical therapy. And goodness knows how our nerves need it in today’s times.


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