Ernesto Rodrigues / Angharad Davies / Guilherme Rodrigues / Alessandro Bosetti / Masafumi Ezaki – LONDON

Creative Sources

Recorded at Atlantic Waves 2005, London is a 33-minute improvisation for viola, violin, cello, soprano sax and trumpet. Ezaki’s short intro initiates a subdued collective crawl towards timbral oblivion, the raggedy quality of this poor man’s invocation defining a division of the whole into a series of comfortless substructures and paint-stripping stretchings symbolized by continuous shifts in the introversion/extroversion ratio. As so often happens when the Rodrigueses are involved, scrape’n’squeal becomes a fundamental ingredient, in this case counterpointed by [violinist] Davies’ approach – here ecstatic, there nervous. Bosetti adds an ambiguous kind of pulse, airy spurts and barely audible wheezes at the basis of a radiant indetermination. String drones appear at times, pulling the music towards a dirty staticity. About 17 minutes in, Ezaki is heard again via tranquil, if dissonant lamentations, yet the dominance of rattle and pluck remains established throughout. The final section is coloured by sounds ranging from ritualistic to nerve-stinging: prominent, predictable in a way, always welcome. These artists strain many ropes without snapping one.


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