Jorge Castro – CINÉTICA

Public Eyesore

Cinética, divided in three parts – “Immune”, “Impulse” and “Forward Movement” – was entirely conceived for electric guitar with digital processing; it lasts only 25 minutes, but it’s definitely time well spent. Simple lines or reiterated chords constitute the source for an Ambient picture of slanted space in which fathomless resonances and throbbing waves invade the listening environment with gentle firmness. There are also several moments in which strange swayings, bewitching loops and pitch-transposed harmonies give the mixture an alien halo, flabbergasting and uncertain, as if the music were in search of a definite direction. The passage from the second to the third segment sees Castro kicking in some serious distortion together with something that sounds like crippled shortwaves; this creates a gorgeous cadenza that morphs into a waterfall of infinite-repeat suspension. The whole finally flows into a desiccated, folkish-sounding locked groove, swiftly turned into thin but lethal vapors by Castro’s heavy manipulation.


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