Usually resolutely devoted to the generation of the most bastard kind of extreme blare, Antoine Chessex demonstrates with Fools that, if so desired, fine results can be achieved on a sort of compositional level too (though one doubts that something was pre-scored in the two pieces comprised by the LP, respectively titled “The Machine Is Awake” and “Illusions”). Sure, there are handfuls of “noise-monger’s deli” ingredients to blow your socks and membranes off, but there’s also the muscular dronage achieved by routing his tenor saxophone through an amplifier and various pedals, eliciting pictures of screaming fiends, autistic repetition, clustery unsettlement and wholesome distortion in the seductive breed of harmonic degeneration they used to call “controlled mayhem”. It’s a combination of barbarian instinct and finely tuned ears that evolves across several changes of scenarios, producing occasional moments of veritable bewilderment, but you’d be a fool not to trust Chessex: this may be his best outing to date.