Dimitri Voudouris – AΘ=Φ / UVIVI / 1:Θφ4 / ONTA


A South African of Hellenic descent, multi-talented Dimitri Voudouris creates stimulating computer music soundscapes, paying special attention to the dismemberment of the human voice within frameworks exploring “psycho-acoustic behavioral patterns” in constantly mutating environments. This follow-up to the outstanding NPFAI.1 / PALMOS / NPFAI.3 / PRAXIS on the same imprint pursues the same distinctive sonic research, which the composer promotes by recurring to incredibly complex formulas (partially “explicated” by equally intricate graphic scores and meticulous liners). It requires some application on the part of the listener, due to the lengthy duration of the disc at over 73 minutes, but the rewards are compelling. AΘ=Φ is an “attempt to attach language to emotions” through the construction of pre-linguistic expressions via TTS (Text To Speech Synthesis) and an ensemble of 24 speaker interactive robots, an erratic hotchpotch that connects with our perceptive system with a certain ease despite the profusion of phonemic snippets and bizarre mutations thereof. Uvivi (Zulu for “daybreak”) is a piece for dance (!) based on a Helbing equation, a mathematical procedure which takes into account “the linearity and infinite memory in the kinetic flow of vehicular traffic”. Who could imagine that cars stuck in traffic jams in Mozambique (where the main data for this study was gathered) could produce such evocative aural shades in terms of non-linear digital sonorities? While 1:Θφ4 is a gorgeous paradigm of unearthly synthetic singing derived by disassembling components from four different languages (Greek, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian), the 28-minute Onta (Greek for “beings”) really tests the listener’s persistence with its ceaseless contrasts, implosions and explosions symbolizing the energies animating life in a city or familiar environment. “Encounters, events, architecture, weather, gesture, (mis)behaviors – all become means of interaction”. Voudouris is surely the first to realize that no words can explain the fractal involvedness of the ensuing concoction.

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