It seems the only thing we know about Eleh is that s/he hails from Japan [Apparently not, according to Touch boss- DW]. Location Momentum – a first CD released after eleven vinyl albums – represents this reviewer’s initial encounter with an intriguing pulse-producing organism. The ground upon which everything is based is analogue synthesis, used in deceptively static pieces almost exclusively characterized by the inside beatings of adjacent waves. It’s tasteful and tasty food for lovers of serious throbbing – one listen to “Circle One: Summer Transcience” and you’ll be hooked. Without swearing to the gods there is also a measure of interest for those who are waiting for news of Eliane Radigue’s impending beatification. Eleh manipulates extremely acute frequencies too, so don’t be surprised if during a particular section (for example at the beginning of the final track “Rotational Change For Windmill”) your ears start ringing, principally when playing the music at substantial volume (though it works fine at low levels too, provided the environment is quiet). Essentially, we’re talking about seriously conceived testing of the psychoacoustic qualities of electronically generated sounds, eliciting a clear reaction from the brain and, in turn, a series of peculiar codes sent to the auricular membranes. We have already seen this embodiment of indiscernible acoustic events in the work of past masters – Niblock, Lucier, the aforementioned Radigue – yet what I’m hearing now is not the product of a shallow-minded latecomer’s diversion (these experiments actually started in 1999), but a record that requires severe concentration and is ready to reward with large doses of thoroughly mesmerizing phenomena.


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