La Scie Dorée

Debut of a new duo consisting of Timo Van Luijk and Andrew Chalk. As you might expect with this imprint, it’s a vinyl edition with typically attractive retro cover art. Divided into rather short fragments, the music perfectly corresponds to the album title. It’s a little jewel where one can almost smell the flowers and the grass surrounding the players (Van Luijk and Chalk with Daisuke Suzuki on percussion on one track) occasionally captured in open-air settings with twittering blackbirds and flowing water underlining the serene pensiveness of guitars, zithers (?), unspecified wind instruments and electronic keyboards. The tender intensity and honest introspectiveness of this bucolic idiom (Darren Tate also comes to mind) never fails to entice, even in episodes that border on naiveté. When, in “Racines Eternelles”, a bagpipe drone is carved by the straightforward melody of what appears as a cheap clarinet, the heart inexplicably starts to beat more regularly. But with the fleeting finale “Impression Lointaine”, it nearly stops.