Edition Zangi / Künstlerhäuser Worpswede

The spartanly unadorned black box holds an LP with a white label containing four pieces for a single percussion instrument. The first is a cyclically massive resonance generated by a small splash whose resounding echoes are seemingly tailored with water, a sloping gurgle of sorts over an underlying reiterated pulse, perhaps looped. It’s the perfect introduction to Butania Metallica, and from a “listening pleasure” point of view, its most readable chapter. The other three, using a little china (twice) and a temple gong, are more direct attacks on the ears, privileging the kind of piercing frequencies and metallic squeals that may excite aficionados of early David Jackman or seriously test a tenderfoot’s resistance. Schick uses both motorized appliances and manual means to let his instruments roar, growl and wail. It’s an idealistic approach, commendable in terms of artistic integrity – music for solo percussion is always a very tough challenge for any composer – but one that might entail a bit of suffering for those whose concentration is less than strong. No concessions here.

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