Isa Wiss / Marc Unternährer – SOPSTOCK

Creative Sources

One would not imagine diminutive Isa Wiss performing the kind of amazing growling-and-gargling tones and spiteful hysterics heard in Sopstock. Hailing from Switzerland, like her comrade Unternährer, this girl is a most welcome revelation, possessing the qualities that typically define a worthy virtuoso of the vocal cords. She uses them all in a Shelley Hirsch / Ute Wassermann / Phil Minton hybrid which touches on a multitude of guttural aspects with brainpower and irritability depending on the moment, but also with a dose of grace. Not to mention the irony and the onomatopoeic bravura – the ranting swapping of invectives (Léandre-style) in “Cyn” is a veritable comic masterpiece. Even when a couple of stereotypes try to rear their ugly heads – the Donald Duck-ish “Londing” for example, or the mandatory track with unnatural laughter that seems to be a requirement for every avant singer – Wiss reduces the excess of obviousness with an indescribable plus that renders amusing what was expectable. Unternährer is a very fine, sensitive player, the tuba an ideal complement with lots of invigorating timbral facets, absurd pitch fractioning and equally hilarious traits. But it is clear that his role here is that of creating the ultimate complement and the episodic interference to the clamorous manifestation of Wiss’s talent, the actual billboard of this recording.


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