Joëlle Léandre / Jean-Luc Cappozzo – LIVE AUX INSTANTS CHAVIRÉS

Kadima Collective

Unassumingly and efficiently, JC Jones’ Kadima Collective imprint keeps publishing recordings documenting encounters between improvisers that might or might not be coming from the same musical background. Take, for example, this February 2009 set featuring Léandre and trumpeter Cappozzo: although the latter has worked with Paul Lovens and Axel Dörner and is currently a member of the Globe Unity Orchestra, his sound is firmly rooted in traditional jazz, as opposed to the “Scelsi / Cage / just everything” garden that the ever-amusing bassist has been cultivating throughout a fantastic career. Good musicians always strive to find a practical way for their ideas to flow and flourish, and, as expected, this couple works intelligently: real extremes are avoided for the most part, yet the paths trodden aren’t always free from rocks and spikes. Cappozzo finds the correct mixture of intonation and litigiousness in ear-catching blasting surges, toneless junctures and – get this – a rendition of Mingus’ “Goodbye Pork Pie Hat”. The usually uncontrollable lass from Aix-en-Provence behaves relatively well, her gorgeous tone frequently shaken by violent percussiveness, the snapping quality of the timbre a luxury for the ear. This doesn’t mean that bad manners are excluded: the exchange of farts and pukes closing the fourth track is hilarious, and Léandre ends the seventh with some incomprehensible rambling about shit. I wouldn’t say this CD is a veritable must, but one thing’s for sure: if the “normal” production by these artists is at this level, then you can count on my subscription.


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