An intriguing proposition from Cascone, founder of Silent Records and former assistant music supervisor to David Lynch in Twin Peaks. Clocking at a perfect 27’50”, Anti-Musical Celestial Forces is an enjoyable, occasionally inspiring release making selective use of treated field recordings, initially as a background for a spoken text describing nocturnal atmospheres and nightmarish visions. After about seven minutes, when the first doubts of potential boredom are starting to knock at the mind’s door, Gary R. Weisberg’s narration fades out, permitting the listener to focus undivided attention on the succession of evocative aural snapshots. The sources are fairly mundane – urban echoes and conversations from the other room – but Cascone assembles them with great skill, suffusing them with a murky haze that adds to the disc’s inscrutability. The results are vastly superior to the depressingly predictable work of countless “go-around-the-town-with-a-minidisc” dilettantes. Choice episodes: a muezzin call amidst gathering seagulls and a short but splendid section based on a masterfully played cimbalom.