Luigi Archetti / Bo Wiget – LOW TIDE DIGITALS III

Rune Grammofon

Luigi Archetti, born in the Italian city of Brescia but long resident in Switzerland, and Norwegian Bo Wiget have arrived at the creative summit of their partnership with the third instalment of the Low Tide Digitals series. Like previous chapters, the record explores the fertile grounds connecting the purity of acoustic instruments (cello for Wiget, guitar and mandolin for Archetti, whose surname ironically translates as “little bows”) with the superimposition of now inhospitable, now ear-cuddling landscapes making restrained use of electronics, handled by both artists. The basic principles behind these investigations are clearly audible: movement is scarce, weak tranquillity suddenly destabilized by sepulchral hums and hollow spaces conscientiously probed in partially inimical atmospheres, with occasional stabbing distortion and dissonance woven in, as if Archetti and Wiget wanted us to appreciate their angelic creature’s evil side. When these worlds are properly intertwined – as in the Eno-meets-lowercase broken silences of “Stück 26”, the ravishingly undressed grace of the skeletal masterpiece “Stück 27”, the shifting drones of “Stück 31” and the glorious ascension of “Stück 37” – we feel sheltered, privileged even.


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