Richard Garet / Brendan Murray – OF DISTANCE


Two apparently remote meteors collide in Of Distance. While Richard Garet is primarily renowned for understated spatial structures and rarefied soundtracks for installations released on labels such as Nonvisualobjects, Leerraum and Winds Measure, Brendan Murray stuck yours truly to his couch last year with the engrossing underworld of Commonwealth on 23Five. This joint effort blends all these different factors in cunning layerings of incisive frequencies and tape-derived echoes from the real world, for the most part successfully thanks to the composers’ maturity and restraint. This is particularly manifest in the 27-minute “In Parallel”, in which various disturbances attempt to sabotage a liquefied stupor, the whole ending in a combination of mute uproar and discernable pitches – stabilization is finally achieved but not without difficulty. The white noise discharges at the beginning of “The Tyranny of Objects” are just a minor variation before the piece starts an escalation developing out of static electronics and indistinct found sounds, including what sounds like a bit of shortwave radio. The results are like meditating in a downtown apartment with the windows open, the filthy soul of the city inexorably covering the purest thoughts with grime and smog, terminal beeps and blips serving as sinister reminders of hospital machinery. Not an encouraging prospect.


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