Yui Onodera – ENTROPY


Still relatively young at 27, Yui Onodera has recently made a discreetly decisive impact on the scene of modern-day ambient with a series of absorbing outings on labels such as And/OAR and Mystery Sea. Entropy is described by Trumn head honcho Hideho Takemasa as “the most sought-after item of all his releases” and this reissue of the 2005 Critical Path album comes in a gorgeous gatefold package adorned by a splendid photograph of a remote mountain area immersed in mist. The pieces were entirely realized using electric guitars, field recordings and electronics, all subtly yet effectively treated. What I’ve always liked in this artist’s work is its absolute lack of that arrogance which transforms much of this music into pretentious “look-at-my-holiness” void. Onodera makes undemanding suggestions, eradicating the bell-and-whistle factor from the approach to the composition and deploying his materials more or less as they are, leaving us to contemplate them in their almost total nudity, Jesus on the cross barely touched by the sunrays. Certain segments vaguely recall another master distiller of six-stringed perfumes, Paul Bradley, whose methodical seriousness the Japanese shares, but the evocative two-chord sequence of the sixth and the seventh chapters of this cycle is pure Onodera, a mixture of childlikeness and dedication that makes me smile in acceptance.


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