Yves De Mey – LICHTUNG


Belgian composer Yves De Mey, a former cinematography student, has mostly used his skills as sound engineer and designer in the areas of modern theatre and dance. Lichtung is the score for Antoine Effroy and Anne Rudelbach’s dance of the same name, premiered in 2008 in Hamburg. This is one of those cases in which it would be helpful if the aural experience came with a visual component. The first minutes of the CD, for instance, introduce the listener to little more than a collection of adjacent planes, replete with electronic shadings (plus some Badalamenti-like guitar twangs), which do little to lodge themselves in the listener’s memory. Yet as the flux continues, the energies become better channelled and the work gains in individuality, offering moments of exquisite internal vibrations and rumblings informed by a refreshingly sugar-free melodic fragmentariness, then travelling across lands of droning semi-stillness until the piece’s termination. Not enough for a “must” status, but this is a record to evaluate attentively several times before selling it at $1.70 on eBay. Fans of KTL might welcome it, despite the lack of outpouring guitars.


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