The same blind faith that illuminates any encounter with Phill Niblock and Eliane Radigue’s mind-expanding upper partials guided my hand as I reached for Zeitkratzer’s rendition of Alvin Lucier’s music. It hardly matters that the five pieces tackled by Reinhold Friedl’s ensemble aren’t exactly the most legendary in the composer’s oeuvre: the expert acuity of the musicians – with honourable mentions to Burkhard Schlothauer (violin, viola) and Anton Lukoszevieze (cello) for defining the exquisite parabolic charm of Fideliotrio and Violynn – does the business, leaving listeners free to enjoy the shifting balance of auditory perception. The same applies to the shivering harmonics of the fantastic Music For Piano With Magnetic Strings, performed by Friedl with eBows strategically placed inside his instrument. The usually overlooked “concrete” aspects of Lucier’s idea are dealt with in Silver Streetcar For The Orchestra (Maurice De Martin striking the triangle) and the self-explanatory Opera With Objects, whose percussive temperament depends on the resonant properties of the performance space. This latter is the only slightly ho-hum track in an otherwise excellent disc occasionally marred by audience coughing.

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