Ellen Fullman’s long string instrument has long been an important presence for audiences in need of uncharacteristic dronage, privileging the morphing aspects of resonant phenomena, originating massive mutations of frequencies that give us the impression we’re but a tiny element in the circuits of an enormous flanger pedal, or just tickling the membranes with delicately vibrant mixes. The four tracks on this fine CD are attempts at creating music that is both experimental – in the strict sense of the word – and spiritual. The title track uses a couple of “box bows” (wooden devices designed to play groups of strings rhythmically, but still resonantly) to produce what sounds like a minimalist folk dance surrounded by clouds of semi-dissonant vapours, sort of a cross of Stephen Scott’s bowed piano and a slowed-down version of a stoned Irish reel. “Never Gets Out Of Me” and “Flowers” are, respectively, a duo with cellist Theresa Wong and a trio with Henna Chou (cello) and Travis Weller (violin); both pieces contain strong reminiscences of Eastern tones and Indian melodies, touching the heart lightly with a blend of stirring lines and chordal vastness. The closing “Event Locations No 2” combines two sets of pitches for reiterated clashes between tunings in A and F, the latter referring to a system conceived by Arnold Dreyblatt. Listen attentively to what happens here and in other parts of the album and you might perceive snippets of harmonic activity and constant changes in the flux of the upper partials that render those shifting emotions that clutch at the stomach at particular junctures of our life.


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