Francisco López + Novi_Sad – TITANS

Gradual Hate

Manipulating the same source materials – environmental recordings made in Greece’s Ancient Olympia region – López and Novi_Sad (real name Thanasis Kaproulias) have created entirely different soundscapes, both compositionally brilliant and psychologically engrossing (high-quality headphones are recommended). In “Untitled #249” the Spaniard lets a sublime faraway chorale evolve from initial subsonic activity, subsequently shifting the frequency balance through the use of spiky highs and metamorphic radiations, a veritable flea market in hell. The texture becomes progressively thinner until we’re left with barely perceptible signals at the borders of tinnitus preceding a classic finish in total silence. But what a difference between this breathtaking suspension and the boredom elicited by today’s abusers of hush. Novi_Sad’s “Ellipsis” leaves the original substance visible enough, the sequence of events beginning with a spectacular rumbling storm with relative downpour. Dexterous equalization highlights the “right” hues in the drumming reverberations of the water, and brings fantastic results in at least two extended segments, which sound respectively like a mesmerizing initiation rite and a superimposition of every existing type of chord played by a gliding string section. The volume rises to full throttle only for the ecstasy to be abruptly cut short at the end, leaving us pondering for quite a while. To quote a favourite philosopher of mine, come on the amazing journey and learn all you should know. A milestone release from a splendidly-named label.


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