Machinefabriek & Gareth Davis – GHOST LANES


This collaboration between Rutger Zuydervelt and Gareth Davis dates back to 2009, yet the reciprocal confidence that exudes from Ghost Lanes seems to allude to a longer acquaintance. The title track, which takes up the LP’s first side, exploits the communion of extensive darkish echoes and the finer details of instrumental probing. Davis’s contrabass clarinet inhabits his partner’s inauspiciously humming clouds, contemporary reed tricks and hints at unborn melodic fragments vainly attempting to soften the sourer emissions coming from Machinefabriek’s table. The No Pussyfooting -meets-Aidan Baker mood of “Mackerel Sky” works a tad better, with the guitar sounds incandescent but never overpowering and the clarinet finding room for its acoustic personality to shine a little more, but the “loop vs improvisation” mechanism doesn’t exactly produce a surplus of excitement. And there’s too much reverb throughout.


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