Sculpture – TOAD BLINKER


Toad Blinker is a zoetropic picture disc designed to be filmed at 25fps with a high shutter speed”. Even after having watched the two mini-movies on the label’s website I’m left none the wiser about what that means, but sound is the only thing that counts – and there are bazillions of acoustic mutations to be found here, in the form of layered loops (naturellement) embracing convulsive techno pulses, angelic harp samples, dilapidated synthesis, aged vinyl samples and repellent melodies that for some strange reason work wonderfully together. “Data Corporation” sounds like Muslimgauze thrown inside a triturating washing machine, while the exceptional “Elk Cloner” should be used to lull problematic kids to sleep before they plant knives in your back. It must be quite an experience to attend a show by Dan Hayhurst (he who creates the acoustic amazement) and Reuben Sutherland (the guy responsible for the kaleidoscopic imagery). This self-propelling apparatus is totally stimulating, fun to listen to, and definitely transmits huge doses of much-needed salubrious vibes. Go for it, and play loud to convince your friends and neighbours that you’re completely nuts.


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