Xela is the project of Walsall-born Massachusetts-based John Twells, The Sublime being the final instalment of a trilogy also comprising The Illuminated and The Divine on this same imprint.According to Wikipedia, Twells loves horror movie soundtracks (especially Italian), but things are kept relatively restrained throughout this basically unmemorable album. “Lust And Paradise” unfolds nicely via strata of fixed / barely gliding drones but ends with horrible female-vocal presets worthy of any of the thousands of bedroom dilettantes who dabble in this department. “Eve’s Riposte” mixes incessant background hiss with muffled loops and a combination of inaudible themes and indecipherable noises (imagine hundreds of passionless frogs observing a car slowly sinking into a murky swamp). It’s much better than the preceding track, but its synthetic presences ultimately ruin whatever there is of interest.


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